Hope of Redemption

A beautiful story of love, loyalty and redemption. Join us as we dig into God's Word to watch the grace of God unfold to guide, direct and bless those who are faithful to Him.
Living Hope
The book of Hebrews was written to address those who were doubting their conversion to Christianity and slipping back under the bondage of the Law. The author brilliantly argues the superiority of Christ, God's Son, Who paid the price for our sin. He alone is sufficient for our every need. He is all we need to come to God today. Join us as we discover these great truths together.
The Book of
Ruth & Hebrews


 Lesson# Title Teacher Listen MP3 Lesson
  Overview of Ruth Shelly Deiro  
Ruth 1 A Time of New Beginnings Shelly Deiro
Ruth 2 Hope Revived Tricia Kent
Ruth 3 Obedience is the Way to Freedom Shelly Deiro
Ruth 4 Love is Sacrifice Tricia Kent
Hebrews 1 Supremacy of Christ Shelly Deiro
Hebrews 2 The Danger of Drifting Tricia Kent
Hebrews 3 Consider Jesus Shelly Deiro
Hebrews 4 Labor To Rest Tricia Kent
Hebrews 5 Don't Be Such a Baby Shelly Deiro
Hebrews 6 Big Babies Tricia Kent
Hebrews 7 Blessings of Faith Shelly Deiro
Hebrews 8 Jesus is Better Tricia Kent
Hebrews 9 A New Covenant Shelly Deiro
Hebrews 10  It Ain't Fixed Yet Shelly Deiro
Hebrews 11 A New and Living Way Tricia Kent
Hebrews 12 The Law One More Time Julie Glander
Hebrews 13 Fixed and Fabulous Shelly Deiro
Hebrews 14 Visible Faith Tricia Kent
Hebrews 15 The Halls of Faith Julie Glander
Hebrews 16 The Race We Must Win Tricia Kent
Hebrews 17 Unspeakable Kingdom Tricia Kent
Hebrews 18 A Living Hope Tricia Kent