Pastor Brian Larson ministered in Truckee for more than 40 years, having moved here with his young family from Southern California in the summer of 1975 to pastor a denominational church in the area. He stepped out in faith in 1978 to begin a nondenominational fellowship in North Tahoe. By June of 1981, the small fellowship had moved to the high school auditorium in Truckee, and it was then that we became known as Calvary Chapel Truckee. For more than 38 years, the emphasis of Pastor Brian's ministry at Calvary Chapel of Truckee was simply on the building up of the body of Christ through the clear, objective teaching of the Word of God, the praise and worship of His Name, and diligent prayer. He firmly believed that as the body was fed and nourished in His Word, we would grow in His grace and love. In October of 2019, Pastor Brian stepped down as senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of Truckee and has continued ministering to the body of Christ through his non-profit ministry True To His Word.
From October 2019 until April of 2020, Pastor John Cowan of Poimen Ministries ably led this body through the transition from Pastor Brian Larson to the selection and appointment of our current pastor, Gary Barrow.

Brian Larson, Founding Pastor, 1981-2019

John Cowan, Transitional Pastor, 2019-2020

Gary Barrow, Pastor since April 2020